Our 2015 Ontario Parks Tour

On September 19 my Father and I headed out on a seven-day tour of southern Ontario.

Each night we camped at a different Ontario provincial park – Bass Lake, Arrowhead, Mew Lake, Silent Lake, Ferris and Emily. After we stopped each night, I wrote down my thoughts on each day in a diary. I’ve never been much of a diary keeper – I’ve always found it feels weird to write to yourself – but for some reason this time it felt easy.

As the tour progressed I started to wonder about posting the diary entries publicly – this was the genesis of this site. As I publish each post I’ll update the list here:

This was the first tour I’ve done like this. Having completed it I can say with certainty that it won’t be the last. I’m already thinking about what can come next; with the winter soon approaching I expect the next one will have to wait until next year so I’ll have plenty of time to plan for it.


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