Thanksgiving Trek

All I want to do is get out on the bike right now – it’s so relaxing and satisfying at the same time. Unfortunately, we’re heading into Fall and the weather is getting colder – we don’t have too many weeks left before it will be time to put the bike away for the winter. I think I may have made a mistake with the timing of our Ontario Parks tour – it’s just fired me up for more!

Happily, this weekend’s Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend gives me an opportunity to get out and really stretch the legs again, so I’m going to push myself one more time this season.

My in-laws live up in Wiarton on the Bruce Peninsula – an area that is absolutely beautiful this time of year. It’s about 210km from Toronto to Wiarton – 50km further than I’ve ridden in a day so far.

Here’s the rough route.

I’m going to do some polishing of the route tonight, I think. There’s a disused railway path that seems to run for a good amount of what would otherwise be busy main road. There are a couple of other pieces that may be unnecessarily rough roads. I’m going to swing through a couple more small towns too, in case I need a breather.

All told I’m guessing it’ll take about 10 hours to make it up there. I’m going to allow for 12 in case of mechanical issues or other delays. It’s a big distance so I’m going to need to pace myself a bit slower than usual, too.

Sounds like a fun challenge.


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