Winter is Coming

As I sit here writing this, it is two degrees outside. I hear that my sister-in-law’s car had six or seven inches of snow on it today. When I rode through the area last week, it was 16 Celsius. I did my long(ish) ride – on my exercise bike – indoors today.

It’s time to admit that winter is on its way, and my days of outdoor riding are limited until the Spring.

I have a good exercise bike at home, but it’s a recumbent bike and I’m loathed to pass up the feel of riding a real bike for the next six months. So, I’m on the market for an indoor trainer.

Generally speaking, I’m looking for:

  • A trainer that I’m going to want to ride for 3-ish hours at a time – meaning relatively road-like and that doesn’t sound like a jet engine in an enclosed space
  • Something that doesn’t completely break the bank (for that reason, I *think* I’ve bailed on the idea of having something that syncs with my computer)
  • Something reliable that won’t break every other ride (grumble grumble CAADX grumble)

I spent part of this weekend researching trainer brands, and the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 keeps coming up high on the lists (it got recommended by and by Ray over at DC Rainmaker), and it’s right at the top of Amazon’s listings.

Thoughts and recommendations welcome…

Kinetic Road Machine 2.0

Also: Greg reminded me today of a cool new innovation – SpeedForce, which integrates a GPS computer with a power supply, headlight and navigation, and with 40h of battery life. It’ll be $159 when it launches on Oct 27, but right now you can pre-order it for $99 (edit: Not $9. Oops – thanks for catching that, Aran). Colour me tempted.


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