Trainer FTW!

Well, I took the plunge after my post last week, and bought a trainer.

Ok, I bought a trainer… and a riser for the front wheel… and a floor mat… and another floor mat, as I was an idiot and didn’t measure how long the bike was… and a trainer tire for the back wheel. Suffice to say, my credit card wasn’t happy.

I had to do a little bit of maintenance, as I decided to pick up a road bike to use on the trainer so needed to fit the new tire and shift my pedals over to the new bike. Cue much swearing and hitting of the pedal wrench with a hammer (it worked!). Before too long, though, I was up and running riding.

1hr 45mins later, I’d learned a few things.

Lesson #1: Riding on the trainer is roughly the equivalent of having a jet engine in the living room. I threw a movie on while I was riding and Caralin tried to watch it with me; we turned our TV volume from 16 to 70 and still needed to use subtitles. Something tells me Bluetooth headphones are in my future.

Lesson #2: It’s insanely hot on the trainer. I used the same fan as I use on my exercise bike, but was still soaked by the end of the ride. Think I’ll need to invest in a bigger fan for longer rides.

Lesson #3: The trainer isn’t as comfortable as my exercise bike. It’s not uncomfortable, but it’s not the same level of comfort and, with the lack of variety that being outside provides it’s pretty easy to get stiff after a while.

All that said, there’s definitely something about riding on an actual bike that makes a big difference over riding on an exercise bike. Riding inside is going to take some getting used to after a great summer of outdoor riding, but I’m hopeful that having a real bike to ride will help me maintain the enjoyment through the winter months.


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