Tough Mudder (Re)Conquered

Another Tough Mudder* here and gone. Once again it was a blast.

The weather wasn’t as bright and shiny as last year – we had a couple of downpours during the run – but on the whole the weather was warm and not too hot, unlike last year when it was scorching.

We had a smaller team than last year – just nine of us (plus Caralin and my dad who came along as spectators) so we stuck together as a single group and took it a lot easier than last time. As a result we finished a couple of hours slower but had a nice relaxing day in the meantime.

Most of the obstacles were straightforward. Everest was challenging as usual but teamwork got us through:

Win (just!), win, win.

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Birth Canal was as hard as ever:

Bloody hate this obstacle.

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I failed spectacularly at the new King of the Swingers:


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We all made it though, and overall it was a great day.

Tough Mudder crew, mid-run.

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Importantly, I didn’t catastrophically injure myself ahead of tomorrow’s ride. That said, I’m sitting here with an ice pack on my knee as it’s extremely sore at the moment. Hopefully the cold will take down the swelling and painkillers will take me through tomorrow.

One event down; the tour begins tomorrow.

* Tough Mudder is a client of Edelman, my employer.


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