Tough Touring

I never intended to… but for some reason I stopped blogging here back in the winter. It’s pretty hard to find anything interesting to write about when you’re sitting on a turbo trainer, watching Netflix all the time. I just forgot to start writing again in the spring; better late than never, I guess.

I haven’t been sitting still in the meantime, though. I’ve had some great rides this summer, with highlights including some lovely scenery in Port Perry, a 200km trek up to Wiarton and an epic 300km ride to Niagara Falls and back

More recently I’ve begun a series of pub rides – Gran Fondo-length rides with a scenic pub as a mid-point. It’s nice to have a designated destination and to give myself permission to stop for lunch – something I haven’t tended to do in the past (I tend to just plow through). I’m toying with the idea of getting a group of people together to turn these into group rides next year.

This weekend warrants dusting the blog off, though. I’m writing this post while sitting with my Edelman colleagues on our way to run Tough Mudder* – my second time running this event. The forecast is for thunderstorms which is a little daunting; I guess we’re getting muddy anyway so it’s not the end of the world. The 18km course goes up and down the ski hills at Mont St. Louis, so it could get slippery. 

The flagship event really begins tomorrow, when I’m taking my trusty Cannondale out on another bike tour with my dad – this time a 900km loop of Lake Ontario.

The elevation profile of this entertains me… flat, flat, flat, NIAGARA ESCARPMENT…

Should be a great trip, assuming I can avoid injuring myself today. Hopefully the weather improves in the days ahead.

* Tough Mudder is a client of Edelman, my employer. 


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